Microdermabrasion Treatment:

This Mild yet effective treament can remove fine lines and aging spots from around the eyes, lips, and neck. It can also improve mild acne that has not respond to others  treaments.1 hr treatment included extraction,glicolic,massage and a special mask $150series of 6 by-weekly treat.$800

 Boto-Derm Rx Age Defying Facial(Shira)A power-packed anti-aging facial includes the four most clinically proven polypeptides-Oligogeptides,Tetrapeptides,Hexapeptidesand Pentapeptides.These peptides are combined with Retinol,a powerful wrinkle fighter,creating a synergestic effect,which also provide the safest,non-toxic injection free substitute for Botox. Firm the skin,charges your complexion with a mega-dose of moisturizers,antioxidants and 4 different peptides.1 hr treat. $95

 GLYCO-C Facial (Shira)A customized treatment that prenetrates the pores,corrects and heals the skin surface. Removes dead skin cells and is wonderful for reducing wrinkles; it also facilitates more expedient penetration of Vitamin C. Clear pores that are clogged and cause acne in addition to normalizing and lightening hyper-pigmentation.1 hr treat.$95 

European Facial (Deep Pore Cleaning)Designed to deeply cleanse, this treament combines skin type specific cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and a individualized treament mask chosen to suit and soothe with some strategic shoulders, neckmassage, hand and feet treatment also.1 hr treat $95 

Teen FacialAn intoduction to skin care and beauty can boost your teens needs. Deep pore  cleaning for troubled skin.45 min treat $85  

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